Photography : Tips for Still Life Photography

What is Still Life Photography?

As the name indicates, Still Life Photography is about capturing a small group of objects that does not have any motion. It does not involve humans, animals and birds as they are moving in nature.

Food photography is a good example of this type of genre.

As the objects are static, this type of photography gives more scope and freedom to improve the creativity of the photographer. Composition of the elements is an important aspect in this type of photography.

Using Soft boxes for Lighting

An improper lighting will damage the overall quality of the image. So, it is necessary to have an optimum light source for any genre of photography. It is a good idea to use soft boxes which helps to spread out the light evenly on all the objects.

Composition/Arrangement of objects

You have to use your creativity and out of the box thinking for arranging the objects. The same set of objects will look more appealing if arranged in a different manner. The image of a fresh apple with some water sprinkles is more appealing than an apple without the sprinkles.

Finding a subject

A still life photograph does not always need to be a flower, painting, vegetables or fruit. It can be anything. Even a small needle can be a subject as long as it is still. Always look for objects that are pleasing to the eyes.


A good background can make a huge difference to your still life photographs. Glass top, Fabric cloth, card board, and paper are commonly used backgrounds. Make sure that your background does not distract the main subject much.

Choosing the Angle

You should experiment by capturing the same subject in different angles, find out the best among them and use that angle for capturing the final image.